Some of you might have heard about this Vegan Challenge I’m doing, which means I’m not eating any animal products for thirty days. No meat, no diary, no eggs, no honey, no nothing. Sounds pretty tough right? Which is why I’m giving you an update on how I’m doing so far.

The question I get most when people hear about what I’m doing is a simple why, which I can answer quite simply too. It’s better for nature and of course better for animals. Did you know that the last forty years, forty percent of the rain forest on earth was destroyed to produce food for bio-industry? And that if we stopped eating meat for one day a week it would reduce the CO2 just as much as taking a million cars off the road?

Pretty shocking right? So when I heard about the Vegan Challenge I thought: why not? So I tried and I must say, it’s not as bad as it sounds. When you eat alone, that is. Because there’s quite a lot of products I can still eat, but also a lot I have to let go of. There are so many products that contain milk or cheese!

Luckily there are a few delicious things I do eat, like Oreo’s, Tony Chocolonely dark chocolate and oatmeal cookies. Of course I made some photos of what I’ve eaten so far, like this:

What you see here is a soy latte, pizza with veggies and biological pesto, wraps with veggies and fajita herbs, chocolate and falafel with veggies and potatoes. Of course this is a small selection of what I’ve been eating, but I just wanted to show you that you can indeed eat quite ‘normal’ when being vegan.

I did however run into some trouble when eating out. Like a spontaneous lunch in the city, where everything either contained meat or cheese, or dinner at my friends house – surrounded by carnivores, not a good idea – and eating out with my family. I also learned it’s smart to carry around some snacks you can eat when there’s nothing available, like fruit or nuts.

I’ve been a vegangirl for about half a month right now and it’s going with ups and downs. I don’t miss meat at all, but I do have various cheese-cravings. And I’m not always in the mood or always have the time to go grocery shopping for half an hour, because I have to check all the ingredients.

I have been reading a lot about being vegan though and it does offer a lot of pro’s so I might keep it up after this. I’ll let you know for sure, but tell me, would you ever consider going vegan?


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