Vintage MC-tas

As I told you, I recently went to another Vintage per Kilo event organized by PreLoved. Well, here’s what I found!

This handbag was kinda broken, but I liked it so much I wanted it anyway. And since it didn’t weighed all that much it wasn’t expensive either. Getting home, of course – nosy as I am – I really wanted to know where it came from. So I started researching a bit.

Turns out this beauty isn’t that vintage at all. See the lettres M.C. written on it? That’s because it’s made by M.C. Handbags, a company that excises over twenty years. A long time, but nowhere near vintage now, is it? Anyway, it is good quality leather because their bags are all handmade with fine leather. The new ones are pretty expensive also, so I guess this was quite a good catch. Take a closer look!

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