Volcom Simply Solid Swimsuits

Okay, it’s not all fishnets Volcom has you wearing,

But it is a remarkable 78%. Econyl to be precise. This is a fabric made out of recycled fishnets and other sorts of nylon – get the name now? – which is really good for the environment of course. It prevents those nets from getting left in the ocean for animals to get stuck in and choke on. Yes, that sounds horrible and it is.

Volcom Simply Solid Swimsuits

So it’s a great cause, this project. And it looks good as well, what you might not expect. It looks just like regular swimwear fabric actually. You can check out – and shop – the entire collection on the Volcom website. It’s official name is Volcom Simply Solid Swimsuits by the way, doesn’t that sound good?

Let’s go to the beach

Or take a look at the video accompanying this project. Small warning: it’ll make you want to take a trip to the beach asap.

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