Shoes make me happy, that’s no secret. Especially when they’re different, they stand out in a crowd and are fun to look at. O, and comfortable might be good too. I guess that’s why I love the Mipacha sneaker so much.

They’re originally from Peru, these beauties. Hand made by schooled Peruvians which gives them a great quality. The design is inspired by the Peruvian landscape and culture, which explains the colors and prints. Those prints are symbolic by the way, so while wearing the shoes, you’re spreading some culture around. Also, buying a Mipacha pair means supporting the people of Peru, because a part of your money will be donated to projects supporting them.

I don’t mean to be superficial, because that’s a great cause of course, but the main reason these are on my wishlist is the way they look. You can choose a bright basic color with a bright pattern and catch everyone’s eye for sure. For me, I’d love to have the low version in beige or brown. So cute!

Check out all of them right here.

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