They’re immensely popular, but honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of Ice Watches. You know, the sporty looking watches available in every color imaginable, as long as it’s a bright one. Until now. 

Because Ice Watch recently launched a new collection of watches called Ice Glam Pastel. Well, glam it is. And pastel too, as you can see. And that combination is just what I like about these new babies. It’s elegant and charming, not at all like the watches we’re used to seeing of this brand.

I absolutely love the rose golden accents on the edge of the dial, it gives it just that little bit of luxury it needs. Especially for me, since I’m used to wearing all gold watches, having no color whatsoever in them. The Ice Glam Pastel watches are available in four colors: lotus, aqua, pink lady and wind. The last too are definitely my favorites.



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