how to wear a biker jacket

A good leather jacket,

It’s the must have that has to be in every fashionista’s wardrobe. Right? So why isn’t there one in mine? Maybe because I just haven’t found the perfect biker jacket yet. Which is why I decided it was time to check out how my fellow girls wear this awesome piece.

You heard me, I went looking for some – okay, a lot – biker jacket inspiration! And who am I not to share that with you guys? I mean, I have to. Because doing this research only made me realize more how incredible versatile this kind of jacket is. So here’s how to wear a biker jacket and look like a lady.

Wear it on top of jeans and you look like the cool rocker girl, but wear it on top of a classic pencil skirt and all it does is add a little spice to a fancy look. Who wouldn’t want that? I already see myself prancing around in a cute biker jacket combined with the perfect jeans, a grey shirt ór white blouse and my sneakers. Now all I have to do is continu my search for the perfect piece. Suggestions?

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