Zara shopping

…I go shopping of course! Which is why me and me friend hit the city last weekend to spend some serious money. Where? Zara! I’m a true fan of the simple, but oh so beautiful style of this Spanish store. Which is why I’m completely broke once again. Here’s what I bought. 

  1. A black blouse with a little peplum that makes me look skinny – yay! – and fancy. And check out that beautiful back! Let’s hope winter will not get colder than this, because this is to pretty to cover up with a cardigan.
  2. Another blouse! I do love them after all. Especially when they have a color like this. I love this green one! I really don’t know how I should call it. It’s not olive, nor is it khaki or regular green. O well, let’s just call it what it is: awesome! I’m truly in love with this one. The only downfall: it wrinkles quite fast I discovered.
  3. Three is a charm! And so I could not help myself but buy a third piece, an essential piece for winter: a loose falling cardigan in my favorite color. Or well, it’s grey. Fits perfectly with the colorless phase me and my clothes are going through.

I can’t wait for my next paycheck!


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