sunglasses obsession

It’s because I’m obsessed,

With sunglasses. And I’m not even kidding. A sunglasses obsession. I love them. I practically buy a new one every week. Okay, not really, but I do own a lot. You want a number? Well, okay. Twenty one. There’s twenty one sunglasses in my collection.

I actually had to spread out my collection and count because I didn’t remember all of them, how bad is that? Of course they’re not all expensive designer ones, you know I’m not rich. And I do have my favorites, as you might have noticed if you follow me on Instagram. I love taking pictures with them too, that’s why.

So scrolling to my photos I found out the ones up here definitely belong to my favorites. But I did just buy three more so maybe they will enter the top four. I’ll keep you posted. And maybe I’ll just make a different post about those three new beauties. They do deserve it.

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