Heidi Liebt

Did you see it? That photo of me being totally happy with my Heidi Liebt beanie on Instagram? Well, if you like it just as much as I do this might be your lucky day. Because I’ve got two more and I’m giving them away.

Let’s tell you a little more about them first. These beanies are 100 % made in Holland. There are few of every design so the chances of running into someone with the same headpiece as you are rare. Also, they’re made with three layers which makes them incredibly warm. Believe me, I’ve tested it and I’m a very shivery type.

So do you see yourself wearing one of these colorful and especially warm babies when the real winter comes down on us? Here’s what you have to do: follow Xanns place and share this message on Facebook. O, and let me know which one you’d want on your head. I will randomly pick two winners who sure will be warm this winter. Good luck!

Heidi Liebt

Heidi Liebt


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