winter coat inspiration

Wait what?

It’s not even the end of September yet and I think it’s too late for some winter coat inspiration already? Well, yes. Have you checked the temperature lately? Unless you live in Florida or Afrika or something: it’s freezing. I’m freezing. So I could’ve used a winter coat.

Honestly, I do already own one. Of course. I own several. But a new year asks for a new coat and you have to be quick. So we’ve established I need the inspiration. Because what on earth am I getting? A classy camel trenchcoat? A minimalistic grey blazer looking one? Or black faux fur? And then I came across a light pink one and also added that to the wish list.

Decisions decisions… I’m completely lost. Maybe even more so after seeing all these gorgeous photos. I simply don’t know which one I like best. Am I going classy or casual? Color or earth tones? Print or plain? What’s your choice for this season?

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