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Did you know the right snowboarding gear,

Is o so very important? It’s all about the right gear, really. Like – most important – a helmet, but also good gloves and goggles. Get them for the right weather conditions for example. Be sure to check out if you have to right gear for the area you’re traveling to. For example, I needed totally different stuff when snowboarding Val Thorens then Austria.

New goodies

So now I have all the right snowboarding gear for all sorts of conditions. But it’s not bad to do a refresh every once in a while. Which is why I was super happy when I got an e-mail from Outdoorsupply asking me to check out their webshop. Sure!

Shop shop shop

Those two beauties in the photo up here are the result: new gloves and goggles. That last one was actually necessary. Since one I own is actually quite old and scratched and the other one is specifically for sunny weather so I was missing something. And the gloves I just ran into and looked pretty, I’ll be honest about that. By the way, you can also get that very important helmet over there. Better safe than sorry after all.


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