Everybody knows I love feathers so it’s probably no surprise that I absolutely adore my new necklace. This beauty is made out of leather ropes, seashells, different kind of beads and – well, duh! – feathers. And it’s eco friendly too!

The photo up here is not as clear as I would have liked it to be, but you get the idea right? And if you don’t, just have some patience. I have more of these pretty accessories so I’ll make better photos soon. There might even be an opportunity to win one so keep posted!

Anyway, I got my new favorite necklace at Glam Factory and guess what? There’s a new winter collection online! Founder Laura made all the jewels in her out of stuff that’s all natural, like rope, wood, seashells and recycled products. The feathers come from a special American eco farm. So you can guess every item in her collection is unique.



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