Adidas Samoa Pigskin

Sounds weird right: Adidas Samoa Pigskin,

But as you’ve probably spotted up here, it’s incredibly awesome. You know, I’ve been having a major pastel pink phase¬†lately. I don’t know if it’s spring or that I’m just over all the blacks, whites and greys. But I just love pastel pink these days. So when I spotted the new Adidas Samoa Pigskin pack in Vapour Pink, they needed to go on my wish list.

Release date

I probably would’ve bought them right away if I could. Though this time it’s not money problems – or well, it is because it always is – but the fact that they’re not out yet. Not to worry though, we – assuming you want them too, because that’s just how awesome they are – don’t have to wait for long. The release date is set on May 21st.

Pinks and greys and nudes

Now there might be a slight chance you’re not as big a fan of pastel pink as I am. Or you’re a guy. Not that there’s anything wrong with guys in pink shoes. I just don’t really see it. I’m up for an outfit post though so if you’re out there, guy in pink shoes, let me know! Anyhow, there’s Vapour Grey and Pale Nude as well. So take your pick!

Adidas Samoa Pigskin

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