Cross body bag

Have you seen those cute cross body bags?

You know, those teeny tiny bags? The sweet little square ones? Preferably with a chain cord? You must have, this might be one of the biggest trends out there right now. Which means you see them everywhere. I see them everywhere. And I want one. Actually, I want more of them but I also don’t want to seem greedy so let’s leave it at one for now.

Small, square, chained

Like I said, they’re small, square and have a chain cord on ‘em if it’s up to me. I’ve seen them around a lot. Funny thing is, they usually come around in black. And even though I love – really, love – a black outfit, my wish list contains mostly colored cross body bags.

Keep it colorful

No really, I’m all up for color in this one. It started with a purple one, then I spotted a bright blue version and it got even crazier when I found myself liking a very, very yellow cross body. Even though I usually really dislike yellow. So yeah, you can say the cross body craziness got me. Unfortunately even though they’re tiny, their price is not. And I plan on going on a holiday pretty soon. So I guess I’m gonna dream on for a second. Maybe look at the pictures a little more.

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