Yeezy Season One

We’ve been waiting for this,

Or at least: I’ve been waiting for this. A more detailed look into the Yeezy Season One collection by Kanye West. You might even say it’s a more detailed look into Kanye Wests closet. And how exciting is that? FYI, this sneak peak is brought to you by The Weeknd.

Wait, what? Yeah, you heard right. In honor of his new album – so excited for that too, by the way – he did an interview with GQ where he tells all about it. You should read it, but that’s not the point. I’m focussing on the photos right now.

Because in those photos he’s wearing Yeezy Season One. Yes, he did. And he’s looking great while doing so. I have this feeling that I’m gonna want this collection. Even though it’s a mens one. Small detail: it’s gonna cost a fortune. Even though Kanye originally said he wanted it to be affordable, there’s gonna be pieces costing 500 to 3000 dollar. Got money to spend?

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