Kanye West Yeezy

Is Kanye West Yeezy Season One,

The most talked about collection of the season? I think it is. You must have been living under one hell of a rock to have missed this presentation. Which is why I didn’t write about it before. Now however, there’s some interesting detailed photos revealed. About time we got a closer look.

The collection one of my favorite artists designed for Adidas Originals was presented with the words ‘I’m here to crack the pavement, I want to create something better for you.’ Well, bring it on then. Though ripped up sweaters and messy tops don’t necessarily scream ‘better’ to me, I must say I am absolutely excited about this collection. The military aspect Kanye was going for results in colors like khaki, beige and black. My favorite! Also: check out those fabrics! Love it!

What you see up here is just a small selection, you can view all the detailed photos at

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