Chanel couture 2015

Because it’s Chanel, of course. Who wouldn’t want to be at a garden party where everybody is dressed from top to toe in these gorgeous designs? Karl Lagerfeld’s new couture collection for my favorite label is truly beautiful. Check out my favorite pieces right here.

Gardening with Chanel

When I spotted a photo containing male models dressed in gardener outfits – including straw hats and watering cans – I must honestly say I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about it. But let’s face it: Chanel is bringing gardening back. It’s almost sexy. Especially for a couture show, which aren’t usually my favorites.

This one though, I love. Check out all those beautifully cut jackets, gorgeous flattering skirts and all that detailing. And don’t even get me started about those colors. If only I was rich and could get this whole collection straight into my wardrobe.


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