Shiny maxi dresses, sheer black blouses and a marine colored jumpsuit. Zara’s lates lookbook is definitely one to keep in mind with the holiday’s in sight. Are you still in need for a perfect outfit? Check out In the Evening.

You know I’m a big fan of the lighter color range lately, but seeing this I think I’ll make an exception and go back to black for some time. Zara’s holiday collection might not be all that new and daring considering the dark colors and sparkle bits, but it is definitely up to date considering the pieces they uses. Sheer fabrics, bellybuttons showing and a touch of leather here and there are the ingredients for this years Christmas dinner.

It’s not all fancy stuff, by the way. There’s a jersey-like T-shirt and tough leather jacket available too. I guess there’s one for every style. Here’s my favorites.

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